School Books No Longer Safe For Children

school books

The Daily Wire tells the distressing news of “Graphic Sexual Content Assigned To Texas Students; Dissenting Parents Harassed With Anti-Christian…‘D**ks’“. Last year, parents became concerned when their children mentioned being uncomfortable in class. Turns out that some of the books assigned or in the book club contained graphic sexual writing. It included descriptions of sex, rape, abuse, and more. Parents rely on teachers to choose appropriate reading material for their children. Now it seems that school books are no longer safe for children.

As bad as learning about the assignment of these books, it gets worse. Once parents learned of these assigned reading materials, they complained to the school. The school did nothing really. The school excused the choosing of these books as diverse novels, meant to introduce students to other sexual and racial viewpoints. They offered an apology saying that they did not order many of the books and that teachers did not get a chance to read them through due to COVID. Then they said they would review the books on the list more fully. After almost a year the schools have only agreed to remove a handful of the graphic novels.

Sadly this tragedy does not stop there. Some of the parents who complained about these books as inappropriate for children have been subjected to harassment. They’ve received packages in the mail calling them names. Some have found dead animals at their doors. When did wanting to protect one’s children from the vagaries of life become hateful? How sad that school books are no longer safe for children. They should not be forced to read or hear about graphic sexual content. I hope the school picks better diversity books for their students.

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