Why You Should Celebrate Easter Too

celebrate Easter

Easter is considered a Christian Religious Holiday. Growing up I would have no school the Friday before Easter. That has changed as people consider Easter only for Christians. Because of this, Easter does not get as much hype as Christmas. I think that like Christmas, everyone should celebrate Easter. Why? The main reason for Easter involves the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but Easter also represents hope and love. Everyone should take the time to celebrate and remember hope and love on Easter.

Easter Celebration

There are two types of celebration when it comes to Easter. The first and most important involves Jesus Christ. Christ lived over 2000 years ago. Born to Mary, and raised by her and Joseph Jesus lived the normal life of a Jew. Except, He was the only-begotten of God or the son of God and Mary. This allowed Christ to withstand more pain than normal and yet still choose to die. When he was around 30 years old, Christ began to teach the Jews His gospel. Three years later, the leaders of the Jews banded together and convinced the Roman leader to kill him by crucifixion. Surprisingly he died quickly enough that followers of Christ convinced the Roman leader to let them bury him. Three days after burial, when followers went to finish the burial administrations, they found the tomb empty. Christ had risen from the dead.

The second celebration Easter is much like Santa Claus for Christmas. Easter has the Easter Bunny that delivers baskets of goodies to children. The baskets include candy and toys. Many people also include egg hunts and family gatherings.

Why You Should Celebrate Easter

If you are not Christian, celebrating Easter seems rather pointless except as an excuse to eat more candy. I disagree. I think everyone should celebrate Easter, not for the candy and Easter Bunny, but for the meaning of Easter.

That seems ridiculous if you do not believe in Christ, so let me explain. Many people celebrate Christmas even though they do not consider themselves Christians. Instead, they focus on Christmas as a time for joy and family. Celebrating Easter should be similar. Christian or not we all should celebrate Easter because Easter represents hope and love.

First, I am Christian and believe in Christ and his resurrection, but I want to talk to those who may be agnostic, atheists, or another religion. Let’s start by looking at the Easter story. Christ suffers and dies for all, then is resurrected. His suffering, death, and resurrection represent the hope and love in us all.

Hope and Love

How does this story represent hope and love? The reason Christ suffered and died was to pay for the sins of all people. He gave his life so that people could repent and return to heaven. Even if you don’t believe in heaven, you can see how this shows hope and love. This story of Christ suffering so that we can repent gives hope that even when we make mistakes we can still get better. It shows love by how Christ, one person, willing gave his life for all. He loved them enough to do that. Should we not also have that hope and that kind of love for those around us?

The second part of the Easter Story talks about how when his followers arrived at his tomb, Christ was gone. He had risen. This gives hope in something more. While not everyone believes in something after death, this hope can simply include hope in humanity. With the resurrection, we can celebrate the hope for better. The story also shows love through his followers. They braved the dislike and difficulty of the Roman leader to request Christ’s body to give him a proper burial. Then they did not forget him. They returned to make sure all that was needed could be done. So should we. We should remember to show love to others all the time, not just when we see them.

While Easter can be considered a Christian holiday, everyone should celebrate Easter. The messages of hope and love from the Easter story belong to everyone. Even if you do not believe in Christ, you can celebrate and remember hope and love while celebrating Easter.

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