Easter Week – Trials And Crucifixion


We have reached the end of Easter Week. After celebrating the Passover with followers and praying in the garden, Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus to the authorities. By the time they took Jesus, his fate had already been decided. They wanted crucifixion. Still, they held several mock trials. They knew what they wanted, but they feared the people. They used the trials as a way to try and make Christ say something to condemn himself. It did not work. Christ refused to respond to their antics.

Finally, the Jewish leaders chose to blame him for sedition or trying to encourage people to rebel against the Romans. While not true, they took Christ before the Roman Governor, Pilate. After hearing their complaints, he tried to talk to Christ, but still, Christ stayed silent. Pilate feared the people but did not want to kill an innocent man. Instead, he had Christ beaten. He hoped to arouse compassion.

After the beating, Pilate offered to release Christ. The leaders had poisoned the people enough that they refused his release and demanded crucifixion. Pilate washed his hands of the event and allowed them to crucify Christ. After only a few hours, Christ died and his people were allowed to take him away and bury him. The Jewish leaders demanded Pilate to place guards in front of the tomb, which he did.

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