The Good and Bad of Working Out Together

working out together

In life when making choices, it is a good idea to list the pros and cons. One thing you should do daily is a workout. Since April is National Couples Appreciation Month let us look at couples working out together. When in a relationship, you may want your partner to join you for your workouts. Many people advocate working out together, but does it work for you. Let’s list three good and bad reasons for working out together.

Good – Quality Time

Working out can take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours depending on your goals and fitness level. As a large portion of the day, you may want to spend that time with your partner, especially if you live a busy life. That is one of the positives of working out together, quality time. Time is finite and we don’t have a lot. With all our responsibilities, a couple’s workout may help keep that connection together. It becomes a time for just the two of you. You can connect and talk together while staying healthy.

Bad – No Me Time

While quality time with each other is important, me-time is also important. For many people working out gives them that me time. It allows them to focus on themselves and their goals. They can focus on what they want and like without worrying about ignoring their partner. We all need some time to ourselves.

Good – Accountability and Motivation

When you workout together you have built-in accountability and motivation. Your partner is there with you so you can’t sneak out of doing your workouts. Plus on days either of you struggle to want to do the workout, you have the other to encourage you to keep going. Together you will last longer at sticking to workouts than separately.

Bad – Discouragement

Most people do not have the same fitness level, especially between male and female partners. This can be discouraging for both of you. The more fitness-minded person may get discouraged by feeling like they can’t have the type of workout they need to stay with the lower level. While the other person feels like they are not doing well enough. It can be discouraging to workout together.

Good – Getting Closer Together

Working out together can bring couples closer to each other. First off, exercise generally increases endorphins. Endorphins help make people feel happier. When you feel happier with your partner you grow closer. Plus, endorphins and workouts help to make your sex life better with your partner. Finally, by working out together you are doing non-verbal mimicry that strengthens your emotional bond with your partner. Basically, working out together can bring your closer together emotionally and physically.

Bad – Too Much Criticism

When you workout together you have to watch for too much criticism. While helping and encouraging your partner is good, too much criticism is not. If one partner starts to give criticism and accidentally hurts their partner, then it draws them apart. It is hard to gain those endorphins if you have to listen to too much criticism. Also, you can’t set personal physical goals for yourself. You and your partner create a goal together and maybe that does not work for your or is not what you want. Since you are working out with your partner you may feel you can’t fix it without hurting the other.

Is it better to work out with your partner or not? Honestly, that choice is up to you. As you know your partner and yourself, you will know how a workout together may happen. Will you be the couple that grows closer or farther apart? Still, to help keep each other healthy and have that quality time, you may want to try a modified approach. Instead of always working out together, try once a week or a couple of times a month. If possible, find an activity you both enjoy and do that together instead. Together or apart, you and your partner know best.

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