Not a Kidney Stone But A Baby in the Toilet

baby in the toilet

USA Today tells the story of “She thought she was passing a kidney stone. Then she had a baby in the toilet.” Melissa Surgecoff did not really think of herself as pregnant. She realizes now the clear signs but, not expecting it she did not think about it.

One day, after months of no period, Surgecoff had extremely bad cramps. Thinking her irregular period had finally arrived, she just tried to deal with the increasing pain. As the pain grew she sat on the toilet and thought that maybe she would pass a kidney stone. Finally, hours later something left her body.

Her fiancé noticed that it was not a kidney stone but a baby in the toilet. Picking up the baby he realized the little boy did not breathe. Remembering from a show to clean the mouth and nostrils, he started and a few minutes later the baby began to breathe. After a trip to the hospital and a unique entry into the world, their little boy was declared healthy to the happy couple.

Surgecoff realized the signs of swollen ankles, weight gain, and heartburn heralded the pregnancy. She just did not expect it and ignored the signs. Luckily everything worked out for the baby in the toilet.

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