Disneyland Castle Warped Into Many Castles


CNN tells about “Hong Kong Disneyland’s new castle is an architectural vision of diversity“. During renovations started in 2016, Disney decided to something different. Generally, they stick to one design that features one princess in their famous princess castles. For Disneyland Hong Kong they decided to add elements from all the Disney princess to the Disneyland castle. Each tower represents a different princess.

While an interesting concept, in my opinion, it does not work. I could understand adding in small architectural details to represent the different princesses. Instead, they added large towers for each of them. This makes the castle look jumbled like a crazy person built it. Imagine a traditional castle then each descendant to add a tower in their own style. That is the mishmash created. It looks interesting but not really a pretty or magical Disneyland castle. Still, I bet it will do well.

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