How To Get Your Body Beach Ready

beach ready

Summer is just around the corner. For many people that means swimming and the beach. Generally, those activities include wearing swimsuits or skimpy clothes that show off your body. This reveal can be a struggle especially after winter and the year of staying indoors. Still, everyone can get their body beach ready.

Easiest Way

Step 1: Make sure your swimsuit fits or buy a new one.

Step 2: Go to the beach

Despite what all the fitness and food companies may advertise, you do not have to look a certain way to go to the beach. Going to the beach is for fun and enjoyment. Don’t worry about what others think and have fun.

Extra Ways to Get Beach Ready

Still, if you are like most people you want to look less like a blob at the beach. Let’s be honest, most of us are a little blob-like after winter. It’s hard to keep moving when the weather calls for hot chocolate and a roaring fire. If this is you, then there are a few things we can do to feel less blob-like at the beach.

Just so you know, I advocate healthy and safe options. I do not like fad or quick weight loss diets. Using these steps may help lose weight, but will not be a miracle or extremely fast. No 10 pounds in 1-week methods here.


First, start with your diet. Diet means how much and what you eat. Make sure you are eating healthy options in proper amounts. I recommend asking for help from a nutritionist. If you do not want to do that, you can also use food tracking apps to keep track of how much and what you eat. You may need to do a little research to help figure it all out. Try to avoid eating too little or too much as both may hinder efforts to get your body beach ready.

Several other tips in your diet include eating less salt and sugar and they can cause bloating. Also, you may need to eat more protein and fewer carbs. There is a good balance of what to eat. For me, I have my calorie amount and that is broken down into 40% carbs, 30% proteins, and 30% fats. If I follow this I have a better chance of losing weight. This seems typical, but I recommend a little research to find what will work best for you.


The next step to getting your body involves exercise. Yes, that dreaded word, exercise. Unfortunately, you cannot really shape your body in any way without it. Cardio helps to use up the fat stored on your body. Strength workouts help your muscles stay strong and shape your body. This makes exercise an important part of getting beach ready.

If you look for workouts you will find lots of different varieties available spanning from one week to a full year. The best exercise is the one you do. Follow a program or create your own, but unless you do it nothing will happen. Try finding something you enjoy. That way you will continue doing it rather than stopping after a week or two.


Finally, you need to hydrate. That means drinking water, lots of it. Water helps your body function. It helps muscles keep moving. Plus water helps keep your skin smooth and healthy. Water will help you feel and look better. Try to avoid lots of soda or alcohol and focus on drinking water.

Getting your body beach ready does not happen in a day, a week, or even a month for most people. To get yourself ready you have to actually keep to a healthy diet, exercise, and drink water on a daily basis for most of the year. If you do that you will be ready for surprise parties, weddings, and the beach.

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