Marie Curie and Radioactive Radium Salts

marie curie

On April 20, 1902, Marie Curie isolated radioactive radium salts that earned her the Nobel Peace Prize with her husband and another scientist for their radioactive work.

Born in Warsaw in 1867, Marie grew up with the desire to learn. Her parents, as teachers, helped her to have a good education. Though she wanted to go to higher education, her family could not afford it. Instead, she and her sister made a deal. Marie would work as a governess and send money to her sister to help her go to school. When done, they would switch and her sister would help Marie attend school. With this agreement, Marie Curie did not attend college until she had turned 24. Still, that did not stop her from doing great things.

After receiving her physics and mathematics education, Marie originally planned to go for a teaching degree. Then she met Pierre Curie and the two married. She did receive her teaching degree but went into research. She did much research into radioactivity. This research eventually gave her cancer which killed her. Still, she did much to further science.

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