California Schools Open with Fewer Students

california schools

PBS Newshour tells about “California public schools see ‘sharp decline’ in enrollment“. As one of the latest states to open schools for in-person learning, California saw a decrease in enrollment. Over 100,000 students did not enroll this year. The state blames the pandemic for this sharp decline.

According to the article, there are several other reasons why parents and students have not enrolled in school. One parent mentioned that because of the closure of the schools, her daughter became depressed and started failing classes. They left the district and enrolled in a private school. With the suicide rate increasing for student-age children, the parent may have saved her daughter’s life with this decision.

Another family chose to stay in the distance learning but has now chosen to leave their school district altogether. During the pandemic, they saw too much infighting, scandals, and lawsuits. Sad to leave, they have chosen to move closer to family in a whole other state.

With this pandemic, parents have realized more of what their children learn in schools and don’t like it. They have felt that schools have not taken their children’s needs to heart. Sadly California has been in the news for a lot of struggles with the schools. Hopefully, things will get better.

I feel blessed as the public school my son attends responded differently than California. Though he has had long-distance learning, they moved quickly to get back to in-person learning. Most especially, he has had teachers that really care and put in a lot of work to help him and other students learn. Teachers have been true heroes in this trying time.

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