Book Suggestions To Make Great Movies – If Done Right

book suggestions

I’ll bet, like me, once you’ve finished some books you think “that would make a great movie.” Some great movies have come from books. Though, in fairness, some really awful movies have come from books as well. Still, some books seem to have been written for the big screen. Here are a few book suggestions I think would make great movies, if done right.

Burning Cove – Amanda Quick

Amanda Quick is a pseudonym for Jayne Ann Krentz. Most of the books written under this name are considered historical fiction. Technically, Burning Cove is a series. Still, I think any or all of them would make great movies. Each story involves a different couple, lightly linked to each other. Each story includes glamour, mystery, romance, and strong characters, the elements of great movies.

Enchanted Inc., – Shanna Swendson

While this is also a series, the first book in the series, with this name starts it all. This series would probably make a great tv series. It has an overarching villain that causes trouble in each book. The main couple has that shy yet attractive dynamic that is fun to watch. Plus the book gives us magic in the modern age, set in New York City. In fact, the main character is unique simply for the fact she has absolutely no magic. Such a fun story, that if done right it really would make a great romantic comedy tv series.

Honestly, Shanna Swendson writes really great books. I would also suggest her Rebel Mechanics series, but I don’t think she has completed it yet, at least I hope not. If you haven’t read her books, you should.

Mystic and Rider – Sharon Shinn

This story by Sharon Shinn starts her Twelve Houses series. Each story advances the story, but I prefer the first one, Mystic and Rider. A fantasy novel that includes a strong, female character on a mission for the king. Though the leader of her small group she has to work past prejudices and their other loyalties. A lot of adventure with a dash of romance keeps this story going. It also shows the growth of friendship with people learning to rely on others, especially those they don’t originally like. It includes magic and fighting, so it has something for everyone.

Sharon Shinn is another author I love with many wonderful books. She also has another fantasy series called Elemental Blessings that would make great movies as well. Her truth-teller series would be fun to see as well. I wholeheartedly recommend her if you are looking for a great book.

Hidden Legacy – Ilona Andrews

For my final suggestion, I recommend another tv series. Hidden Legacy tells the story of a private investigator family pulled into the big leagues. It includes magic, power, and mystery all set in a modern style Texas. The story revolves around sisters. So far two of the sisters have trilogies where they and their love interest dominate the story. Yet each story is unique and fun with an overarching main villain. The women do not take orders. It is a fun story with lots of passion and witty comments. It would make a great tv series.

Now I noticed that each of my suggestions includes series, but I can’t help that. These authors write great books with awesome stories. If done right, they could become awesome movies. To me, the books would not take many adaptions as they seem written for the big or little screen. I know I have more suggestions, but I’ll leave it with these four series. What book suggestions do you have that you think would make great movies, if done right?

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