Singing Birds on the Flight to New York City

singing birds

CNN tells about a “Man arrested at airport after 35 birds intended for singing contests found in his clothing, officials say“. A man smuggled 35 singing birds from Guyana to New York City. Officers found the finches stuffed in hair curlers, sealed with netting. He had the curlers attached to the inside of his clothes. Perhaps, customs became suspicious when his clothes started singing.

In certain New York City neighborhoods, judges listen to two singing finches. Then they pick the one they think has the better voice. People will bet on the outcome and the winning finch can go for thousands of dollars. People think that the finches from Guyana have better voices, so they try to smuggle in the little birds.

The smuggler says he would have received 3,000 dollars for the delivery. It will not pay for his 25,000 dollar bond. I have only one question. How did no one notice the birds on the actual flight? Why did it take until customs to find them?

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