Adolf Hitler – Death of a Dictator

adolf hitler

On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler, the German Dictator, committed suicide rather than surrender to the Allies.

Adolf Hitler came into power in Germany in the 1930s. During this time Germany suffered economically from caps put on them after World War I. The German people needed hope and Hitler gave it to them. Through different policies he implemented, Germany had an economic boom.

Unfortunately, he did not stop there. He started invading neighboring countries and started World War II. Germany seemed to be winning as they slowly took over Europe. Then the tide turned and by 1944, it was clear the Allies would win the war. Soon after Hitler retired to his deluxe bunker. When Allies invaded the nearby town, he and his lover committed suicide with cyanide pills and gunshot.

Despite the rumors that he survived and escaped, authorities disagree. Soviet Forces found the bodies and cremated them, then hid the ashes. They did not want followers of Hitler to use his ashes as a way to continue his destruction. More recent scientists have seen and verified teeth as his. Still, some people believe he survived and lived out his life in hiding.

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