Will Snapchat Pay For Encouraging Speeding?


NPR News tell how “Snapchat Can Be Sued For Role In Fatal Car Crash, Court Rules“. Back in 2017, Snapchat had a filter that documented real life speed. Three young men decided to try it out while driving at 123mph. The young men then crashed. None of them survived.

According to their parents, the speed filter on Snapchat encouraged the boys to do something dangerous, that caused their deaths. The boys only wanted to receive more engagement and attention. For this reason the parents tried to sue Snapchat.

At first the courts ruled with section 230, saying that the company was not liable for actions of its users. Then recently the 9th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed. They said that feature encouraged the dangerous behavior and the parents could sue the company.

While this case goes back to the lower courts again, people have started debating on what this means. How many app companies could people sue over deaths or other issues because of an app feature? Everyone watching will wonder what legal battle could they win against these big, internet companies.

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