The Chunnel Opens Connecting Europe


On May 6, 1994, the English Queen and French President opened the tunnel connecting their two countries. Since the connection came from a tunnel under the English Channel, people call it the chunnel.

England stands as an island in the Atlantic Ocean, closest to France. As a small but prosperous country, people liked to go there. As well, the English liked to visit other parts of Europe. Except the only real way to travel back and forth consisted of a boat and later plane.

For hundreds of years, people have envisioned a new way to travel. They wanted to create a tunnel under the English Channel, connecting England to France. Yet these people had to wait until the 1980s. At that time came the proposal and acceptance for the chunnel. Then after billions of dollars and millions of pounds of dirt, they accomplished it. The chunnel continues to run as a quick and easy way to go from England to France.

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