Watch Out For the Whimsical Wildlife Photography

wildlife photography

PBS NewsHour warns about “When whimsical wildlife photography isn’t what it seems“. Often in wildlife photography, we see adorable pictures of animals, like a frog riding a turtle. While cute and fun, the photographers possibly faked the photos. So when confronted with an adorable wildlife photo we need to wonder if it shows reality or manipulation.

People love pictures of adorable animals. It comes as no surprise that some photographers manipulated their wildlife photography. Some use actual posing, while others do it throw digital manipulation. Rarely, do some photographers use taxidermy to achieve what they want.

Still, with these possible issues, some people worry about animal cruelty. They feel that posing animals shows that cruelty. Though one photo hardly shows the truthfulness of that. Remember that though a picture may say a thousand words, you have to ask if those words tell truth or lies.

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