At Odds Over Communion For the President


ABC News tells how “2 Catholic bishops at odds over Biden receiving Communion“. A sacred rite, Bishops only give communion to those they believe worthy of it. At this time many Catholic Bishops debate whether the President should receive it. Some say yes, while others say no since President Biden has expressed support for abortion.

In the Catholic religion, abortion is considered a sin or immoral. The religion strongly encourages believers to never receive it. Now though, many question this belief of not giving communion to someone over abortion. President Biden has repeatedly expressed support for abortion. He has helped enact laws to make abortion easier. For this reason, Catholic bishops debate on his worthiness to receive communion.

One Californian Catholic bishop says that the support of abortion means President Biden should no longer take communion. While another Californian Catholic bishop disagrees. He says they give the sacred rite to uphold and support the weak, so a support of abortion does not stop someone from taking it. As of yet no definitive word has come in regards to this debate. Each bishop has decided for themselves. Can the President continue as a good Catholic receiving all the sacred rites and still support abortion?

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