Who Cares About Talent? They Prefer Diversity


CNN announces in an opinion article that “Tom Cruise and Scarlett Johansson are right“. The two actors have urged Hollywood to move away from Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) sponsored events such as the Golden Globes. They feel that the HFPA needs to have more diversity, with less whiteness. For this reason, they say NBC dropped the Golden Globes and not because of the low ratings.

Welcome to the age where talent does not matter, only the color of your skin. Did you make an amazing movie? Who cares? The real question is did it have enough diversity on screen? Honestly, does any of that make sense? What should matter when making and honoring anything should be talent. A person that creates an amazing show should have the honor given to them, no matter the color of their skin.

Talent matters, not skin color. In the United States, a good portion of sports players are people of color. Why? Honestly, they have the talent for it and they should receive acknowledgment for that. Hollywood has a high white population. Why? Well, I guess they make good chameleons and should receive acknowledgment for it. Diversity should not matter as much as talent.

No country can truly stop racism if the people others look up to keep looking at skin color. They call for diversity but instead call for racism. I cannot change the color of my skin. Instead, I prefer people to look at my talents. In my opinion, that is how we all should work. Work hard, do well, and receive the reward. Skin color has no reason to enter into anything. Want diversity? Then stop looking at skin color and the rest will follow.

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