Christopher Marlowe Arrested For Heresy

Christopher Marlowe

On May 18, 1593, Queen Elizabeth ordered the arrest of Christopher Marlowe for heresy.

Christopher Marlowe grew up as the second child of a shoemaker. As he grew, he entered school as a scholar, receiving a degree in arts. The University of Cambridge almost refused to give him his master’s degree. They felt he missed too much school. Then the Privy Council or the private council of the Queen sent a note to excuse his absences, implying secret spy work he did for them.

Finally, Marlowe moved to London and started his short career as a playwright. During this time he made a name for himself as a wild man. He may have continued working for the crown. Then Queen Elizabeth decided to crack down on heretics and Catholics.

During this time, someone posted a long poem threatening strangers. At first, they arrested and accused Thomas Kyd, another playwright and roommate of Marlowe. Kyd pointed the finger straight at Marlowe. Kyd accused him of mocking the scriptures and Christ. This led to the arrest of Christopher Marlowe. Except with no evidence, they released him on bail. Only a little while later, Marlowe died with a stab to the eye. Rumor says that the Queen ordered the assassination, but everyone else says the death happened during one of his fights.

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