Leaked Video Makes Navy Admit Seeing UFOs

leaked video

MSNBC shares with us a “Leaked video appears to show UFO near Navy ship.” A few years ago, a Navy ship off the coast of San Diego recorded something flying in the air. While they classified the information, a recently leaked video shows it.

Taken at night, the video appears grainy and in shades of gray. Still, we can see an unusual object. The UFO looks like a black, circle blob against the gray sky. The blob moves back and forth before diving into the sea. No other information is given.

This leaked video comes after another video a few years earlier when a triangle shape UFO appeared above another Navy ship. According to MSNBC, UFO sightings have been consistent and frequent, though most sailors do not step forward with what they saw. Congress will hear more about these sightings. Does the government have proof of actual space aliens? Though with the current UFO diving into the sea, maybe these aliens actually live below. What do you think?

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