Girl Fights Back Foiling Abduction Attempt

girl fights back

NBC News tells about “11-year-old girl fights back, escapes attempted abduction at Florida bus stop“. On Tuesday in Florida, a young girl waited for the bus. Suddenly a man grabbed her and ran with her toward his car. The girl fights back, escapes, and ran to tell her parents. Well done.

The parents of this 11-year-old girl taught her well. She knew what to do in a bad situation. Before the event on Tuesday, a car approached this girl and wanted to talk to her. She refused and told the principal and her parents about it.

Then when Tuesday came she reacted, by fighting back. She escaped and told her parents. They called the police. A home security system video caught the man grabbing the girl. The video sees him run with her towards his car then fall down, and get up without her. She ran off and he took off in the car. Still, with the video, they tracked down the man and arrested him.

Well done to the parents that made sure the girl fights back in this situation. Especially well done to this young girl who kept her head. This is a case of parenting done right. We all need to teach our children how to deal with bad situations.

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