Insulin Discovered, Diabetics Rejoice


100 years ago, on July 27, 1921, two scientists isolated the hormone insulin. This would go on to allow thousands of people to live long and fairly normal lives. While John Macleod directed, Frederick Banting and Charles Best discovered and isolated insulin at the University of Toronto.

For years, people have considered diabetes a fatal illness. Those who received the diagnosis would prepare to die. Then Frederick Banting had an idea. He took his idea to John Macleod, an authority of diabetes and professor at the University of Toronto. With Charles Best, Banting used knowledge from other scientists, and the resources available. Together they isolated insulin and realized its importance.

Not long later they gave the purified insulin to humans, starting with a teenage boy. He immediately improved. While not a cure, Banting, Macleod, and Best had discovered a way to manage diabetes. This would allow thousands of people to live fairly normal and long lives. Banting and Macleod received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1923 for their discovery. Also, today many doctors continue to treat diabetes with insulin.

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