Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

2020 Summer Olympics

CBS News gives us the “Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony“. In their article, it shows pictures of the opening ceremony put on to start the 2020 Summer Olympics. They delayed the Olympics for one year as the world dealt with the Coronavirus. The pictures showcase some of the country teams that entered, the dancing, and the lighting of the Olympic torch. It also Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States, attending the ceremony.

Also, the photos show the controversy happening over holding the 2020 Summer Olympics, by showing the protestors. The protestors disagree with continuing the games. They feel that this big event will just spread and increase the deadly disease.

Opinion on the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

Honestly, I have no opinion. While the games used to be a big deal, I find that not as many people watch them now. Still, I disagree with suspending them for Coronavirus. We need to get our life back together. That means we need to stop letting a disease control our life. So many people with deadly illnesses continue living the best they can. We should follow their example. Let’s live life and not hide out of fear. Therefore, let the games continue.

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