Sports Clothes Requirements – Good or Bad?

sports clothes

CNN News gives us the opinion on “Elite male athletes play in shorts and tank tops, women basically in bikinis“. The article talks about the sports clothes requirements. Men’s sports tend to allow more comfortable and covering clothes. Though women have to wear more revealing clothes. Though it does not mention it, the article refers to the recent debate and fining of a woman’s beach volleyball team. The team decided to wear short swim-style shorts rather than bikini bottoms. Though fined for this decision, it did not stop them from playing.

The author of this article mentions how women in sports must wear revealing clothes to sexualize them. I don’t disagree. I think for some sports the revealing clothes are unnecessary and only for the enjoyment of the watchers. Still, men in sports deal with being sexualized as well. Think of the ogling that happens during the men’s swim competitions.

Do I think it is right? No. Though, I do agree that some of the restrictions on clothing are ridiculous. While some restrictions to keep the playing field equal are necessary, some are just not needed. For example, I see no problem letting women play in swim shorts versus bikini bottoms. Honestly, I think most sports players should gravitate toward the best clothes to help them do well. The clothing requirements should mostly try to keep one team from having an extreme advantage over the other through clothing. What do you think?

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