National Presidential Joke Day

National Presidential Joke Day

Ever hear “There’s an app for that”? Well, there is probably a holiday for that as well. Every day has something to celebrate, big or small. Sometimes the holidays seem a little silly. Still, it is fun to celebrate life on a daily basis. On August 11, we celebrate National Sons and Daughters day. This is a sweet time to let your children know you love them. Yet on this day we also celebrate National Presidential Joke Day.

I wanted to highlight National Presidential Joke Day as it reminds us that Presidents are human. They often make mistakes. These mistakes can be funny, even if at the moment the President disagrees. Looking back and laughing helps us to get through life.

The holiday started through a joke made by President Ronald Reagan. In 1984, during a soundcheck, President cracked a joke. He said he had signed” legislation that will outlaw Russia forever” and “We will begin bombing in five minutes”. Though everyone agreed that soundchecks were not official, someone leaked the tape. Rivals of President Reagan used the joke to attack him, calling him unpresidential. Decades later we can look back and laugh at the joke.

What is the funniest joke or mistake made by a president?

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