Frankenstein – Monster or Misunderstood


Today people remember the novel by Mary Shelley, “Frankenstein”. Shelley published the novel in 1818 and it grew to become world recognized story with different adaptations. Authors have rewritten the novel, while many movie adaptations exist. Also, most science fiction television shows will include at least one episode using the Frankenstein format. It is probably this reason why we have National Frankenstein Day on Mary Shelley’s birthday to commemorate this groundbreaking novel.

In the novel, young Dr. Frankenstein becomes fascinated by the thought of reanimating life. He decides to try and create a human life. Using body parts from dead bodies he pieces together a whole person. Then with the strike of lightening the monster comes to life. Quickly everyone becomes afraid of the creature. Yet, this creature only wants acceptance and love. Scared though, the people refuse to accept him. Frustrated he ends burning a cabin and turning on his creator, Dr. Frankenstein.

The different adaptations have portrayed this story in different ways. In some stories people eventually accept and love the creature, turning on the creator. In others, the creature becomes the monster. Still, with this holiday take some time to decide for yourself. Is Frankenstein’s creature a monster or misunderstood? For me, I think it is both. Dr. Frankenstein created both the creature and the monster. He created the person then through his rejection created the monster. Basically, I think the monster was human. We can all be misunderstood monsters at times.

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