CNN News: Lawsuit Over Sick Kids and Abortions

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Today I went on to CNN News website to get an overview of today’s news. While I dislike CNN, they have a large following so I feel it important to keep up to date with what they say. While searching the news three headlines caught my attention.

Lawsuit Over Sick Kids

CNN News wrote about “Wisconsin parents file lawsuits against school districts over their children’s Covid-19 infections“. The article mentions two parents that filed lawsuits against different school districts. The parents claim that their children contracted Covid-19 from school, as the school did not follow masking and social distancing suggestions. In each case, other children in the same classes also had tested positive.

Honestly, this lawsuit is people throwing a fit about their children getting a sickness that has an extremely low rate of death or other problems in children. The school districts wanted to give their students a better learning environment. They allowed the students to talk without requiring face covers. They also allowed teachers to teach more effectively. The lawsuits show that the children wore masks and still caught Covid. All this shows us is that the mandates they want do not work. Honestly, if you are that afraid of getting sick, then home school. It is the best way to limit contact with potential carriers. This lawsuit just shows the insanity plaguing the world.


To start, I find abortion, except in certain cases, an unacceptable solution to pregnancy. CNN reported that “Advocates fear Texas and Mississippi abortion laws will worsen the Black maternal health crisis“. This article discusses the ban in Texas prohibiting abortions after six weeks, and the one in Mississippi after 15 weeks. It mentions that a large proportion of women receiving abortions tend to have black-colored skin or live in low-income areas. They argue that abortion is a better option for these people instead of raising a child in that situation. Therefore, all women should have the choice to receive an abortion.

Frankly, I disagree. Neither of these prohibitions says the women can’t have abortions. All they are saying is that they must decide to have an abortion before a certain amount of time has passed. Though I have not read the actual laws, I believe they have some mitigating circumstances listed for possible problems that arrive later in pregnancies.

Also, this article misleads people into thinking that young women have only two choices: abortion or raising a child. Often they forget the third option of adoption. Many couples would love to adopt newborn babies. If a pregnant woman feels incapable of raising the child after birth she has the option of giving the child up for adoption.

Personal Story

Personally, I am strongly against abortion. Each child is precious. In my own life, while pregnant, I found out that my child had a large cyst (liquid-filled spot) in the brain. At the time I had not quite reached 20 weeks. Where I lived, abortion was still an option. The doctors could not predict what would happen with the baby with this cyst, especially after birth. They asked if I wanted to have an abortion. Every day I am grateful I carried my baby to term because now I have a bright, amazing child. Don’t ever think abortion is the only option.

Conclusion on CNN News

As I have mentioned before, these articles from CNN focus on one side of a discussion. Instead of reporting the news, they attempt to sway the reader to their viewpoint. Schools should not be punished for giving their students the best learning environments. Instead, they should be praised. Women should receive the full information on choices for pregnancy instead of encouraging murder. We should demand fair media coverage.

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