Children Deserve Both Parents In Their Home


We live in a society that says we can live however we want. Except that thinking ignores our children. If adults live how they want, they ignore the needs of the children. We are all selfish. We fight and we struggle to maintain relationships with our spouses. It takes work, while a divorce is easy. The ones to suffer our the children. They deserve to have both parents in their homes. Some studies even show that a two-parent home is better for the children’s growth.

Recently, I read an opinion article on CNN. This article talked about a new perspective for helping with gun violence. The author talked about a Good Samaritan study where students had to go across campus for a test. Along the way, a person would fake an illness and need help. They then would watch to see who would stop to help. Only a few stopped to help when they thought they would be late for the test. While more stopped when they felt they had more time. The author said this showed that our decisions come from circumstances and stress.

I agree and disagree. Generally, the author says the moment to make a decision to help or to commit violence happens in a stressful situation. Rather I think the decision happens long before the situation even happens. The decision made in a situation comes from our upbringing. If we learn to use violence in these situations, that is what we use. If we learn other techniques, then we can use those. What we learn comes from our parents and family life.

Both Parents in the Home

Studies have shown that most single-parent homes live at or below poverty levels. This can put the family in low-income areas, rife with violence. Living in these areas, children tend to learn that violence is the answer to any question. This then starts a cycle of single parents and violent children.

On the other hand, two-parent homes have a higher living level. This allows children to live in areas with less violence. They can also learn other ways to handle stressful situations. It is especially effective when the parents take the time to spend with their children and teach them these peaceful resolutions. Having both parents in the home is a more effective method of helping to stop violence than most other options.

In other words, a stressful situation does not create violent behavior. Children learn violent behavior. When brought up in violence, they learn violence. Sadly, many single-parent families live in violent areas, which teaches their children to respond to violence with violence. Instead, both parents in the home can better help children in the best way to respond to these situations, which does not include violence. While not always true, a two-parent, or mother and father, help best to raise children to live happy, healthy, peaceful lives.

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