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  • 5 Things to Teach Children Before Adulthood

    5 Things to Teach Children Before Adulthood

    Watching my children grow up, I realize that much of what I teach goes in one ear and out the other. Still, I keep trying to teach them. I want them to survive when they move out on their own. I want them to know how to handle money, get a job, and be happy. […]

  • How I Make Eating as a Family Daily Work

    How I Make Eating as a Family Daily Work

    Often experts recommend sitting down together as a family and eating at least one meal together daily. Generally, they suggest dinner. If you are anything like me dinner as a family is almost impossible. By that time of day, I am tired and out of patience. For family peace, I can not do eating as […]

  • Spring Break With Children and Depression

    Spring Break With Children and Depression

    It’s spring break here at my house. That means my son does not have public school and my oldest daughter can have her break when she finishes her last few assignments. It means lots of computer and television time and crazy mom, right? Not if I can help it. Also, I need to keep things […]

  • Schooling in Times of Pandemics

    Schooling in Times of Pandemics

    In January, I thought my son would start first grade, while my youngest would attend a pre-k program. I would continue to homeschool my oldest. Then along came Covid-19 and changed all that. The only plan that stayed the same is homeschooling my oldest. I’ve added in homeschooling my youngest and helping my son do […]

  • What I Want My Children to Experience

    What I Want My Children to Experience

    This society has become reliant on technology. Some of it good, some of it not so good. Through technology, my children can have weekly face to face chats with their grandparents who live thousands of miles away. On the other hand, it can be common to have everyone stuck in front of a screen rather […]

  • Easter Baskets

    Easter Baskets

    Like many families at this time, you probably wonder what to put in Easter baskets. Every spring we tell our children that the Easter bunny left baskets of goodies. Since Easter does not resemble Christmas with its myriad of presents, knowing what to put in the basket becomes more difficult. Here are a few suggestions […]

  • Christmas Traditions

    Christmas Traditions

    Traditions are fun and have continuity, usually something you enjoy doing. Christmas traditions can start years ago or today. A tradition just has to be something you want to do each year. For example, when I was a child, my family would go to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve. We would watch or perform […]

  • Trick or Treat Safety

    Trick or Treat Safety

    Halloween is fun. One day a year you and your children can dress up, leave the house, and get candy. Traditionally, children go door to door, knocking, saying “trick or treat” and receiving lots of candy. More recently families attend trunk or treats, a party that the children then go around to cars to receive […]