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  • Photoshop – Making Pictures More Interesting

    Photoshop – Making Pictures More Interesting

    In this day and age, anyone can take a picture. Most people can even take good-looking photos. Still, photography is an art. Yet, with all the point and shoot, we don’t often have the technology to create the art while on the run. Well, now we have photoshop. If done right, photoshop will enhance the […]

  • What Motivates You To Continue?

    What Motivates You To Continue?

    During this time of the COVID Pandemic and even normally, I struggle to find the motivation to take photos. I love taking photos. Yet I find it hard to motivate myself to pull out the camera when I see the same four walls. Also, I’m shy so I struggle to take my camera on walks […]

  • Take the Picture, You May Love It

    Take the Picture, You May Love It

    I read somewhere the words of a professional photographer. He mentioned how he will take hundreds of pictures at a time. Yet only a few he will think good enough to print or use. Though not a professional, I agree. Sometimes we just need to take the picture. Later we may find a gem or […]

  • The Blur of Movement With Slower Shutter Speed

    The Blur of Movement With Slower Shutter Speed

    I finally continued my photography lesson book Visual Toolbox by David Duchemin. This lesson talked about using a slower shutter speed to create the feeling of movement. Well, my youngest daughter never stops moving. When she decided to run in a circle around the house, I pulled out my camera at snapped photos at slower […]

  • The Importance of MEPSfit

    The Importance of MEPSfit

    When I started MEPSfit, I did it with the goal of learning and sharing how to achieve mental, emotional, physical, spiritual fitness. All-around health depends on this type of fitness. We struggle more when one part is unfit. It takes a balancing act to keep it all together and helps maintain sanity in an insane […]

  • Four Years of Photography

    Four Years of Photography

    My husband generously gave me my Nikon D3300 Digital Camera about four years ago. Through the years I have loved photography and have taken lots of pictures. I have tried to learn to take great photos. I have also learned how to use photoshop to enhance my photos. Despite all the photos I have taken, […]

  • Winter Photography For Fun

    Winter Photography For Fun

    Over the past week, winter storms brought snow. With the beauty of winter all around, I could not resist pulling out my camera and snap a few pictures. I love winter photography. The lesson this week dealt with using a lower shutter speed to give the impression of movement. While taking photos of the snow […]

  • The Photo Triangle

    The Photo Triangle

    In photography three items to think about while shooting makes up the photo triangle. You have to think about these three items to create an amazing photo. Part of thinking about it requires also knowing how you want your photo to turn out. The three items are ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. In the book, […]

  • Using RAW Photos

    Using RAW Photos

    Have you heard the advice to shoot on manual and shoot RAW photos? I have. In fact, it seems to be common advice for using a new fancy digital camera, such as my Nikon D3300. I could do manual as I learned to work with aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. I just never really understood […]

  • Understanding the Light Meter

    Understanding the Light Meter

    My husband gave me a Nikon D3300 a couple of years ago. I love it. I love taking photos and take our family pictures each year. Even with all the pictures I have taken on my camera, I still have much to learn. With that in mind, I decided to start working on The Visual […]