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  • Are Spatulas Deadly? The Fight to Enter Valhalla

    Are Spatulas Deadly? The Fight to Enter Valhalla

    In my town, tradition states that a person who trains well, fights well, and dies with a weapon in hand will immediately enter Valhalla. Our ancestors considered Valhalla like heaven. Everyone wanted to go there. The belief permeated society so much that even today when most people don’t believe in Odin or Valhalla, many traditions […]

  • Visit With An Old Friend

    Visit With An Old Friend

    Carefully the old man eased back into the least offensive chair. His silver hair glimmered in the light from the fireplace. He watched the other man in the other chair, with its matching red tartan design. With brown eyes twinkling with laughter he spoke, “Well, old friend, your taste in color hasn’t changed, but then […]

  • The Importance of MEPSfit

    The Importance of MEPSfit

    When I started MEPSfit, I did it with the goal of learning and sharing how to achieve mental, emotional, physical, spiritual fitness. All-around health depends on this type of fitness. We struggle more when one part is unfit. It takes a balancing act to keep it all together and helps maintain sanity in an insane […]

  • Flowers for Mother

    Flowers for Mother

    Thursday after school I visit my mother. I used to buy flowers to take to her. Some weeks I would forget, so I would pick a few flowers from a garden near my house. I didn’t think the owner would notice because I only picked the flowers that hung outside the small fence. I was […]

  • Cupid Lost His Job

    Cupid Lost His Job

    Kyle slowly walked up to his front door, pulling out his keys. Tonight had been another horrible date. Instead of the pretty blond he had expected to meet, she turned out to have dirty blond hair, pockmarks, braces, and glasses. She looked like an awkward teenager. He had almost left then but decided that maybe […]

  • Ring Around the Rosies, All Fall Down

    Ring Around the Rosies, All Fall Down

    “I did it. I freed myself,” sang a calm woman’s voice. “What did you do?” the 911 operator questioned, trying to understand if this was a prank call. Still singing, the childlike voice replied, “Why I killed them. I killed them all.” Then the voice giggled as if sharing a joke before the phone went […]

  • The Birds Are Watching

    The Birds Are Watching

    When I was young, my father told me a story about my grandfather. My father rarely tucked me into bed, but one night he came to my room after I had changed into my pajamas. As I watched, he carefully checked the windows, closing the curtains. Then he checked the room and closed the door. […]

  • Abnormal in Normality

    Abnormal in Normality

    In a world of abnormal, normal becomes bizarre. In my case, people feared my normalness. I have become a sideshow freak, feared, and fascinating. What did I do? I was born. If you enter a museum, you’ll see pictures of ancient people. They look weird, yet we were told as children that they were considered […]

  • Fly or Die – Would You Jump?

    Fly or Die – Would You Jump?

    The scientists say 50% of the population has the ability to fly, but I’ve never met anyone that could fly. Have you? In school, we learned all about the science of flight and the first man recorded as flying. After he appeared a few more people started to fly. Curious scientists started to study the […]

  • The Job Offer

    The Job Offer

    How did I get this job? Well, it started eleven almost twelve years ago. A man approached me while I stood in a field watching the sunset. “Parker?” he asked me. I nodded indicating I’d heard him. “I have a proposition for you.” Well, naturally curious, I asked him what. He told me that he […]