The Hidden Door – Behind the Door

hidden door

Carefully I strained my ears to listen to the footsteps stop just outside the door. I head a little shuffling like someone might be looking around. Then the sounds stopped. Since the footsteps didn’t leave, I thought the person probably stayed there. Suddenly a body thumped against the door, then a soft voice muttered something, but the thick door muffled the words.

I really did not want to face the person behind the door, especially Caden. He would probably scold me. Sometimes tower rooms had outdoor entrances. Caden had said this way leads to the roof, so I decided to look around the room for another door. Lightly sighing, I turned to look at the room I had entered so recklessly.

Surprised, I blinked a few times, then faced the door. After counting to three, I again faced the room. Nothing had changed. It looked like I had walked into a medieval movie set of a castle tower room.

Across the room stood a large fireplace with a roaring fire that lit the room in a flickering glow. Above the fireplace hung a painting of a family of four. The father stood tall with a golden crown on top of his blond hair. Next to him, in an ornate wooden chair, sat a black-haired woman with piercing blue eyes. A young man stood on the other side of the chair looking like a mini version of the father with blue eyes, while the woman held a red-haired little girl. Though none of them smiled in the painting they looked happy.

Pulling my eyes away from the painting, I moved my eyes around the room. Near the fireplace stood a large four-poster bed with a canopy tied to the posts. Continuing to observe around the room, I saw a large tapestry hanging across from the fireplace, by the door. It showed a peaceful land with a familiar castle in it. I did not see any other doors.

Moving away from the door I started walking along the wall checking behind the tapestry. Finding no door, I moved to look behind the bed but never made it that far. Instead, I stopped at the foot of the bed and stared.

Lying in peaceful repose on their backs lay three people. A man dressed in medieval finery, wearing a circlet lay next to a black-haired woman in a matching dress and circlet. Between them lay a red-haired girl, also dressed in medieval finery. They looked so lifelike that I wondered if I shouted would they wake up.

“Maybe this is all part of Caden’s lessons,” I thought, “Part of a history immersion thing.”

Still, I couldn’t understand why he would have included the small carved sign next to their feet. “Feed the Princess and find the answer to three questions.”

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