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  • The Blur of Movement With Slower Shutter Speed

    The Blur of Movement With Slower Shutter Speed

    I finally continued my photography lesson book Visual Toolbox by David Duchemin. This lesson talked about using a slower shutter speed to create the feeling of movement. Well, my youngest daughter never stops moving. When she decided to run in a circle around the house, I pulled out my camera at snapped photos at slower […]

  • The Importance of MEPSfit

    The Importance of MEPSfit

    When I started MEPSfit, I did it with the goal of learning and sharing how to achieve mental, emotional, physical, spiritual fitness. All-around health depends on this type of fitness. We struggle more when one part is unfit. It takes a balancing act to keep it all together and helps maintain sanity in an insane […]

  • The Photo Triangle

    The Photo Triangle

    In photography three items to think about while shooting makes up the photo triangle. You have to think about these three items to create an amazing photo. Part of thinking about it requires also knowing how you want your photo to turn out. The three items are ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. In the book, […]

  • Using RAW Photos

    Using RAW Photos

    Have you heard the advice to shoot on manual and shoot RAW photos? I have. In fact, it seems to be common advice for using a new fancy digital camera, such as my Nikon D3300. I could do manual as I learned to work with aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. I just never really understood […]

  • Understanding the Light Meter

    Understanding the Light Meter

    My husband gave me a Nikon D3300 a couple of years ago. I love it. I love taking photos and take our family pictures each year. Even with all the pictures I have taken on my camera, I still have much to learn. With that in mind, I decided to start working on The Visual […]

  • ISO – Light Sensitivity

    ISO – Light Sensitivity

    A picture formulates at the back of the eye. The amount of light let into the eye helps form the picture depending on how sensitive to light your eye becomes and how much available. During low light conditions your eye increases its light sensitivity. While it decreases at brighter conditions. When you go from a […]

  • Aperture


    Like the pupil of an eye, the aperture of a camera gets larger or smaller to let in light and depth. The photographer chooses the amount the aperture opens. Aperture with shutter speed and ISO can achieve the right effect. These three form the exposure triangle that when understood allows a photographer to take great […]

  • Shutter Speed

    Shutter Speed

    Shutter speed is similar to the eyelid. When open you can see, but when the eyelid closes then the last image imprints. The longer the eyelid stays open the more light that enters. Shutter speed works in a similar way. The dictionary gives the definition of shutter speed as the “the time for which a […]

  • Getting Started with a DSLR Camera

    Getting Started with a DSLR Camera

    After buying a new fancy DSLR camera, you probably wonder what to do with it. It has a lot of fancy buttons with so many possibilities, but who wants to take the time to read those large manuals. It is so much more fun to just start taking pictures. Getting Started with Auto Being smart, […]