January 6 Hearing Allows for Hearsay

January 6

Recently a congressional committee has started questioning witnesses in regards to the incident that happened on January 6. On that day in 2021, hundreds of people protested outside the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. Then a mob invaded the building. One of the protestors died and a few people were injured. Many have called it an attempted insurrection. Some have accused President Donald Trump of leading or encouraging it. Congress set up a committee to discover the truth.

The committee recently questioned Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to the White House Chief of Staff at the time. She testified that President Trump wanted to join the rioters. He even grabbed the wheel, while in the back seat, and choked another secret service agent. A CNN opinion article claims this testimony shows that January 6 was worse than watergate.

This testimony is damning, except for one thing. Hutchinson did not witness anything. A court of law would call this testimony hearsay and would not allow it admitted as evidence. In her testimony, Hutchinson said that one of the secret service agents had told her the story of what happened in the car. She had not witnessed it for herself. No evidence or other witnesses have come forward to corroborate her testimony, including the secret service agent who supposedly told her the story.

My Opinion on January 6 Witness

I think the courts do not allow hearsay for a reason. People lie and see things differently. It is hard to tell what actually happened if you do not witness it in the first place. Anyone can tell a story and even believe it as truth, but that does not make it true.

I do not personally know Cassidy Hutchinson, so I cannot speculate on her reason for testifying. She could honestly believe she heard this story of what happened in the car with President Trump on January 6. Except without corroborating evidence or witnesses, it makes the story unreliable. I think a committee actually dedicated to finding the truth and protecting its citizens should not accept testimony based on hearsay. We should always strive for the truth and that includes eyewitnesses and evidence.

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