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  • Physical Fitness Defined

    Physical Fitness Defined

    So many people have discussed physical fitness, it feels redundant to say more. This time I want to define it. At first thought, it looks easy to define. It’s exercise or if you want to be picky, exercise and nutrition. Actually, those are just the ways to achieve it. We should actually define physical fitness […]

  • How To Get Your Body Beach Ready

    How To Get Your Body Beach Ready

    Summer is just around the corner. For many people that means swimming and the beach. Generally, those activities include wearing swimsuits or skimpy clothes that show off your body. This reveal can be a struggle especially after winter and the year of staying indoors. Still, everyone can get their body beach ready. Easiest Way Step […]

  • The Good and Bad of Working Out Together

    The Good and Bad of Working Out Together

    In life when making choices, it is a good idea to list the pros and cons. One thing you should do daily is a workout. Since April is National Couples Appreciation Month let us look at couples working out together. When in a relationship, you may want your partner to join you for your workouts. […]

  • Am I Healthy? – Figuring It Out

    Am I Healthy? – Figuring It Out

    Let’s be honest. Everything in society and the media makes figuring out health difficult. On the one hand, you see pictures showing beautiful women and men looking perfect. On the other side, you see larger men and women and are told that this is beautiful and healthy. What is the truth? As usual, the truth […]

  • How to Get Out of Bed Early

    How to Get Out of Bed Early

    I hate early mornings. Getting out of bed to do exercise feels like torture. Honestly getting out of bed before eight in the morning feels like torture. Unfortunately, I have three children who take after their Dad, who wakes up early all the time. This means that if I want any time for myself, I […]

  • The Importance of MEPSfit

    The Importance of MEPSfit

    When I started MEPSfit, I did it with the goal of learning and sharing how to achieve mental, emotional, physical, spiritual fitness. All-around health depends on this type of fitness. We struggle more when one part is unfit. It takes a balancing act to keep it all together and helps maintain sanity in an insane […]

  • How to Deal With Depression While Sick

    How to Deal With Depression While Sick

    I hate feeling sick. The sick I mean is the type where you can still do stuff, but wish you could stay in bed instead. When I feel sick, I struggle even more physically and mentally. Physically, I feel exhausted, nauseous, and in pain. Mentally I feel tired and struggle to focus. I also struggle […]

  • Have Your Pie and Eat it Too – Holiday Weight

    Have Your Pie and Eat it Too – Holiday Weight

    Oh, the weather outside is cooling,The holidays approaching.Oh, the food will soon be piling,And my weight will soon be growing.Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. Does that little parody on “Let It Snow” sound like you during the holidays? Most people probably choose weight loss as a new year resolution just to […]

  • How To Go 30 Days With NO Dessert

    How To Go 30 Days With NO Dessert

    I love dessert chocolate, ice cream, cheesecake, cookies, and candy. I will frequently eat dessert after lunch and dinner, sometimes as a snack too. All this sweet eating does not help me become healthy. I know it, but I feel addicted to eating a dessert, preferably chocolate. As you can imagine, I am not meeting […]

  • Fad Diet vs Lifestyle Change

    Fad Diet vs Lifestyle Change

    Lose 20 pounds in two weeks sounds like a dream come true. While probably possible, it is most likely unhealthy and not sustainable. The diet promising such extreme weight loss is called a fad diet. They usually involve extremely restrictive diets of only a certain type and amount of food. I have started many of […]