Have Your Pie and Eat it Too – Holiday Weight


Oh, the weather outside is cooling,
The holidays approaching.
Oh, the food will soon be piling,
And my weight will soon be growing.
Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.

Does that little parody on “Let It Snow” sound like you during the holidays? Most people probably choose weight loss as a new year resolution just to get their jeans to fit after the holidays. It would be nice not to gain weight over the holidays.

Not gain weight?! That sounds impossible. Isn’t eating the whole point of the holidays? What else are we supposed to do with people? I would hate to be rude and not eat something.

I hear you. Trust me. In my family, any gathering involved food, lots of food. Even now, as I plan for Thanksgiving I’m planning on having 4 pies for maybe 6 people. Yet, even with all this, it IS possible to eat healthily during the holidays without gaining weight or being rude. And no, starving in between parties is not necessary.

Prepare and Plan

Part of the problem occurs because of all the holiday parties generally given. Since people don’t usually spring surprise holiday parties, you can prepare. Instead of starving, try planning. Know when the parties happen, then plan the food you’ll eat that day to allow for the extra sweets. Don’t starve, plan.

Small Portions

The next part of planning involves planning the amount of food you want to eat. I recommend small size portions. Most parties have a wide variety of food and desserts. Sometimes you want to try it all or maybe feel it would be rude to skip trying something. Well, go for it, try it all, but Instead of getting a large portion, try taking enough for only a bite or two. Then stop. As long as you are no longer hungry, then there is no need for seconds.

Keep Track

Next, keep track of what you eat. Don’t skip recording what you eat and how much just because of a party. Knowing you will see what you eat and how that affects your normal eating, will help curb the desire to eat more than necessary. Also, by keeping track you can evaluate how you did and adjust how to prepare for the next party.


Also, remember to exercise. I know the weather grows cooler each day. Exercise is not the most fun. Plus all the later nights make waking early to exercise difficult. No excuses. Just get up and do it. It will help give you more energy and keep you in that dress you like.

Remember Family

Finally, remember the reason for the holidays has nothing to do with food and everything to do with the family. While the food is enjoyable, it is not the main reason to get together. We party to have an excuse to see each other, to enjoy each other’s company. As enticing as the sweets may be, remember the reason for the holidays and the parties. Focus on that more than on the food. Together we can have our pie and eat it too.

Oh, the weather outside is cooling,
The holidays approaching.
Oh, the family and friends we’ll see,
And the holidays enjoy.

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