Physical Fitness Defined

physical fitness

So many people have discussed physical fitness, it feels redundant to say more. This time I want to define it. At first thought, it looks easy to define. It’s exercise or if you want to be picky, exercise and nutrition. Actually, those are just the ways to achieve it. We should actually define physical fitness as physically able to fulfill any role or task.

Our days consist of many different physical tasks and we need to have the ability to accomplish them. Some days we only need to do simple things like type. Other days may have more difficult tasks like moving heavy boxes. To be physically fit we should be able to handle the tasks we have to do each day.

Physical Fitness

As mentioned physical fitness consists of the physical ability to fulfill any role or task. Specifically, it consists of how your body works. It includes all the physical parts from the skin to the heart. All of it helps us to be physically fit. While sometimes we cannot control things, we can help stay physically fit as much as possible. We do this through exercise and nutrition. These two items help keep our physical bodies healthy and strong. It allows us to do what we like and fight illnesses.


We think of exercise almost as soon as we hear the words physical fitness. Important to it, exercise does not define it. We need exercise to be physically fit. Exercise helps keeps our bodies strong and flexible. It encourages faster reactions and stronger muscles. With exercise, we help ourselves stay physically fit.


The next part people consider part of physical fitness is nutrition. Nutrition involves how much we eat and what we eat. The types of food we put in our bodies will either hurt or help us. It gives us energy or makes us tired. That also happens with the amount of food we eat. Too much of anything can harm. While appropriate amounts give us strength and fuel for a physically fit body.


Honestly, people focus on physical fitness because we can more easily see and feel the change. I agree, that it is important to be physically fit. In my own life, I let myself stop my physical fitness. Not only did I start struggling to do simple things like walking upstairs, I suddenly had more physical, mental, and emotional illnesses. As I take care of myself physically, I can take care of my other issues. Physical fitness allows us to handle life easier.

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