Following The Prophet


At the end of the women’s session of General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Russell M. Nelson spoke. President Nelson is the current prophet for the world, as such, I listen and follow his words. He invited the women of the Church to do four things.

Invitation from the Prophet

First, he invited us, the women, to take a ten day fast from social media, including anything that influence us negatively. He told us to record how we felt during the fast and what we noticed. He urged us to record and follow any impressions we had during this fast. Then he wanted us to write down how we felt and notice the change in our priorities.

Second, he invited us to read the Book of Mormon before the end of the year. He realized that it might be difficult to finish in a couple months, but encourages us to try. He asked us to notice and mark the verses that talk of Christ. Then he urged to intentionally talk of of Christ with our families and friends.

Third, he invited us to establish a pattern of regular temple attendance. He acknowledged that some women live too far away from temples to attend. For that, he says to study about temples in the scriptures and words of the living prophets. He wants us to know, understand and feel more about temples.

Fourth, he invited all women who are of age, to participate fully in Relief Society, The Church’s woman’s organization. He also invites the women to read the current Relief Society’s purpose statement and declaration.

Following the Prophet

My husband and I agreed that when the prophet invited us to do something we would follow his words. When I returned home, I told Cree what President Nelson asked. We immediately discussed how we can follow his instructions. from the Lord. Cree felt that even though the words were specific to the women, they were also good for him to follow.

We decided that we would immediately start the fast from social media. Second, my husband continued reading in the The Book of Mormon where he was while, I started over. I chose to listen to the Book of Mormon while working out and getting ready in the morning. This is the only time I have without the children trying to get my attention, so I hope it work as following the prophet. Cree chose to listen to the Book of Mormon on his drive to work as he would no longer be listening to YouTube.

For the fourth invitation I looked up the statement and declaration to read. I will continue to participate in Relief Society to the best of my abilities. For temple attendance, at this time we live almost five hours away from the nearest open temple. Attending is difficult with three children. My husband and I are working out details to attend once a month. I will also work on studying about the temple.

Promised Blessings from the Prophet

When the Prophet or Apostles of Jesus Christ gives an invitation they usually give a blessing. This was no exception. Though President Nelson did not say anything explicit, the promised blessing from a fast of social media seemed to be a reordering of our priorities to better fit with the Lord.

President Nelson promised that if we would read the Book of Mormon, the heavens would open and we would be blessed with increased inspiration and revelation. He also promised that we would draw closer to the Savior “and changes, even miracles will begin to happen.”

After inviting us to attend the temple, President Nelson told the story of a mother. She went to the temple to ask the Lord how to help her son with his testimony, so that he might wish to serve a mission. Though not said explicitly, I believe that if we regularly attend the temple or seek to know the temple we will receive inspiration for ourselves and our families, to guide us closer to the Savior.

President Nelson told us that if we read the declaration we will know who we are and who the Lord needs us to be at this precise time. He left us with the blessing to be able to leave this world behind and assist in the work of the Lord. I know that if we follow the prophet the blessing he promises will come from the Lord.

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