Inspiration To Exercise

Inspiration to Exercise

Exercise requires work. Work requires desire. For this reason many people look for something to inspire them. In a perfect world, we would exercise to stay healthy and feel our best. While some people do this, most of us need a little more inspiration. I’ve listed a few reasons for to inspire more exercise.

Inspiration 1: Earn Money

You can find many apps that will pay you money or prizes for working out. Sometimes the app will allow you to choose a charity to give money to based on the amount of exercise done. This then becomes a great way to be healthy and help others. Look around a little and you are sure to find the right exercise payment app for you.

If earning money or giving money to charity is not enough inspiration, but you still like the idea of earning money, try paying yourself. One idea is for each time you exercise you put aside a certain amount of money. You can watch the amount of money grow with each workout you complete. You could start with anywhere from 5 cents to a dollar per workout, whichever inspires you the most. In time you will have enough to buy rewards for your favorite hobbies, going out activities and even new clothes. We all like to earn money so try this way to inspire your continued working out.

Inspiration 2: Sign up for a Race

Have you ever wanted to do a marathon, but do not feel in shape to do it? Well, sign up for one anyways. Most marathons cost at least 50 dollars. It does not have to be a long race or even that expensive but putting out that money and having the date on your calendar should provide inspiration to workout. You’ll want to be able to at least finish the race. Besides doing the marathon is exercise too.

If you do not like marathons, try a different type of race. If you look around you may find bike races, triathlons, biathlons, and obstacle courses. Pick something you enjoy doing. Then exercise and complete it. It will feel great.

Inspiration 3: Special Date

I will bet that if you look at your calendar you will find something you want present your best self. Weddings, reunions, summer beach time and family pictures are major events that most people want to show off how good they look. Also, there are many little events like a work party, that you want to do the same. Find some event where you really want to look nice. Then put it on the calendar, in easy view to remind yourself of this date. Then use this inspiration to exercise.

Inspiration 4: Family and Friends

Get some help. If you like working out with others, recruit a friend. Find an activity you enjoy doing together. You could talk while walking, join a dance class or sport together, or go swimming. Find something enjoyable to do with a friend and make a point to get together daily or weekly to do it.

If it is impossible to get together with a friend or family member, try another tactic. Try making a deal. You could make it a race to see who could lose the most weight safely. Maybe you could make a deal about money or who gets to pick the next the activity based on who completed their work outs that week. Use whatever works for you and your friend or family member.

Inspiration 5: Make it a Game

If you like to play games, make exercising a game. If you like competitive sports, join a sports league. With all the practice and games you will get plenty of exercise.

If you are more into video games and movies try using your imagination. You could pretend to enter one of the worlds in your game or show and prepare to survive. Like in a fantasy world you would need to prepare to defeat the evil lord by working on strength. Maybe you love the show Doctor Who and want to be the Doctor’s companion. In that case, I would suggest running a lot.

Inspiration 6: Learn Something New

Sometimes the prospect of exercising becomes overwhelming. Try instead learning something new that is active. Maybe you have always wanted to learn a martial art, start today. Perhaps you want to learn how to dance. Pick a style and start. There are many choices of new and fun activities, such as hiking, swimming, dancing, karate, parkour, and gymnastics. Some might be beyond your abilities, but most are doable or you can work up to doing them. Trying learning some new activity to inspire more exercise.

Inspiration 7: Exercise to Eat

Some people and shirts say they exercise so that can enjoy food like tacos or cookie. If this would inspire you then create a exercise reward system that involves your favorite food. You could do a certain amount or type of exercise to eat a treat. For example I would have to exercise 30 minutes before I could have a half a cup of ice cream with a tablespoon of topping.

Whatever the reason, whatever the source, find the inspiration that moves you and start exercising. As tough as it is in the beginning, it is worth it. You may need to change inspiration to keep going, but keep trying.

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