The Last Thing

The Last Thing Prompt

Kate sighed, looking at herself in the mirror. Her white gown with its sweetheart neckline and long flowing sleeves gently curved out in an a-line shape. The only decoration on the dress was a sparkling belt around her waist. Her hair pulled back into an elegant half-up, half-down style topped by a simple sparkling tiara. Kate decided she looked quite elegant. Waiting for her cue, Kate remembered what had brought her to this moment.

Barely two weeks earlier, Kate had been striding down Fifth Avenue window shopping when she noticed a familiar man. Pausing she turned for a better look. Before she could complete the turn another man took her arm saying, “Come along, Darling, or we’ll be late.”

Practically pulled off her feet, Kate moved to avoid falling looking up at the man who had her arm in a vice-like grip. He had a strong jaw with dark brown hair. He looked a little like a real-life superman. Before Kate could gather her wits, he pulled her into a 5-star hotel, whisking her into the elevator, only letting go when the doors closed.

Keeping an eye on him, Kate backed against the opposite wall. “Who are you?” she demanded.

“I’m Superman,” he replied drily.


He laughed, reaching out to take her arm as the elevator came to the stop. Rushing her to one of the few rooms on the floor he pulled out a key card, opened the door, and ushered her inside without even letting go.

Yanking her arm away, Kate turned to leave, but he stepped in front of the door, holding up his hands. “Hear me out, Miss Jones,” he said, “I’m only trying to save you.”

Folding her arms, Kate glared at him. She didn’t feel any menace coming from him, so she decided to give him a shot. “You have five minutes, starting with your name,” Kate demanded, folding her arms and waited.

“My name is Matthew Kent,” he started flashing a quick smile that gave him deep adorable dimples and Kate almost melted.

“The man following you is after your fortune in any way possible. I have been hired to protect you and I have an idea.”

From that day on it had been a crazy two weeks culminating up to this moment. Lightly, Kate shook her head pushing aside the memories, careful not to disturb her hair. The door opened and the planner motioned to her. Kate picked up the rose bouquet. Walking to the door, she thought, “The last thing I wanted was a husband.”

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