Camera Phone to the Rescue

I love my Nikon D3300 digital camera because it takes wonderful pictures. I also love my phone camera. Like most people, my phone, practically glued to my hand, is usually nearby. With my phone camera, I can capture unexpected moments. I can capture those times and things that would disappear if I waited until I had my Nikon handy.

When it rains, I avoid taking out my Nikon since I do not have a cover for it. I also tend to leave my camera behind on family time. I want to concentrate on being with my kids instead behind the camera. One Saturday, while lightly raining, my family and I walked to get some frozen yogurt. While one the walk, my oldest pointed out two large interesting bugs, a praying mantis and a moth. Due to family time and rain, I used my handy camera phone to capture these cool bugs.

One morning, I sat down to do some work on my computer, looking out my front window. To my surprise, I saw a hawk sitting on a lamp in my yard. Quickly, I pulled out my camera a snapped a shot. Though, I grabbed my Nikon to try and catch a closer picture, the hawk flew off.

Children move constantly and often do the cutest things. Camera phones make capturing these moments easier. Instead of pulling out the bigger camera and obviously taking pictures, a camera phone can stealthily sneak a picture before they notice. Children tend to change behavior when they know the camera is running, so a camera phone helps capture the perfect unexpected moment.

camera phone

Camera phones have come a long way from their grainy beginnings. Many wonderful pictures can be captured using your phone. Portable and easy to use make camera phones perfect for the unexpected and wonderful picture. Try and see what unexpected moments you can capture using your camera phone.

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