20 Free Ways to Connect with Family in 2020


COVID-19 has put a wrench in holiday plans. With concerns for health and safety, many people will celebrate differently. Others may avoid any physical contact. If you feel uncomfortable to be around certain family members for their or yours safety, here are 20 free ways to connect with distant family.

20 Ways to Connect

  1. Letters – Old fashioned letters on paper and mailed through USPS show you care
  2. Phone – Give an old fashioned phone call and talk
  3. Email – Sometimes, letters just never get done. Spend time writing an email to show you are thinking of them.
  4. Text – Texting will be a little more immediate and allows you to share throughout the holidays.
  5. Google Hangouts – Almost everyone has a Gmail account and so a google hangouts account. This way you can talk to each other.
  6. FaceTime – The Apple version of Google Hangouts. Most Apple users prefer it.
  7. Marco Polo – Think Video chat. Through this, you can record a video of what you are doing and send it to family or friends.
  8. Facebook – Post pictures and videos of celebrations
  9. Instagram – Another way to share those pictures and videos
  10. Twitter – A quick short way to show your family about your celebrations
  11. Facebook Messenger – Like texting only through Facebook
  12. Facebook Portal – A way to do Group Video Chats
  13. Zoom – Set up a specific time to video meet and talk
  14. Drive-By – If you live close but can’t get together drive by like a parade and wave
  15. Online games – Using apps play games together
  16. Google Duo – New version of hangouts
  17. Snapchat – Quick pictures to share
  18. YouTube Live – Have your family watch your celebrations
  19. Twitch – A way to connect with the gamer in your family
  20. Google Meet – A lot like Zoom, set up a meeting code and all can join the celebration remotely

I hope you enjoy your holidays and stay safe and healthy. With so much technology we have the chance to spend time with family even if we stay apart. Happy Holidays!

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