It’s Gone – Monolith Disappears


USA Today informs that the mysterious monolith found in Utah disappeared in their article “Mysterious Utah monolith disappears from the desert, removed by ‘unknown party‘”. On November 18th, 2020 people discovered the monolith. It was described as metal, standing in a remote region of the Utah desert.

After its find, despite the attempt to hide its location, many people trekked out to see it. David Surber posted about it on Instagram. He described the monolith as “Hollow, riveted, not magnetic.” No one knows where it came from.

Now no one knows where it went. The Bureau of Land Management reported its disappearance on November 28th, 2020, ten days after discovery. The sheriff’s department in the area has taken over the case. In a fun post, they asked if anyone saw anything to contact them. The post included pictures of well-known aliens, including “baby Yoda”.

What is the Monolith

Many people have speculated about the monolith. Some people think it was left from a movie set up. Others think it may have been an art installation. Of course, others think aliens. Personally, I doubt aliens based on the description of it.

My husband had a great idea. He thinks that whoever took it should hide it somewhere else to be found as a fun little game. Instead of “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” We’d have “Where in the world is the monolith?”

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