Crackdown on Christmas

Crackdown on Christmas

The Daily Wire reports a crackdown on Christmas in “‘We Just Can’t Do It This Year’: CNN Medical Analyst Nixes Christmas“. In their article, the daily reports that officials advise against any and all travel this year. The officials say that any traveling will increase Covid-19 surges. They recommend for safety reasons to stay home, stay away from family, and wait until next year.

Crackdown on Christmas Opinion

Will the commands stop? So far every holiday has been canceled by officials. This year they have asked us not to celebrate anything, including Christmas. I would bet that soon they will put out restrictions on New Years’. Honestly, at this point, I want to yell at these officials, “Let us make our own decisions! We are not stupid!”

Covid-19 is a real illness that affects many people. People know their families and the risks to them better than officials. Honestly, my recommendation to everyone is to celebrate Christmas, carefully. You know who Covid-19 would affect the most in your family. Take the precautions where necessary and have a happy holiday.

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