Christmas Gift List

Christmas Gift

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Toys in every store
And the thing that gives us stress
Is buying the present that’s best
For your amour

I find buying a Christmas gift one of the most difficult parts of Christmas. I’m a horrible gift picker. I never know what to buy. By contrast, my husband buys wonderful gifts.

Unfortunately, everyone is different. While you might have one person that loves art another would throw that gift in a drawer and never see it again. To help just a little, here is a general list of Christmas gifts most people enjoy, with a few ideas in each section.

Christmas Gift Ideas

  • Jewelry
    • A beautiful ring
    • A sentimental necklace – reminds of a special place, or with loved one’s listed
    • A fun bracelet – like a charm bracelet of charms that bring back good memories
  • Specialty Candy/Food
    • Indulgent Candy – something they would never buy for themself but would love
    • Favorite Treat – it’s the holidays, treat them
    • Something New – If they like to try new things, try gifting food from around the world box
  • Socks
    • Funny Socks – make them smile every time they put them on
    • Comfy Socks – keep them warm
    • Useful Socks – you can never have too many socks.
  • Blanket
    • Weighted blanket – new and supposed to be comfortable
    • Comfy – soft, warm, and great to cuddle
    • Fun – give a smile
  • Legos
    • Original, -great for simple creating
    • Character – lots of characters and worlds to build, especially for fans
  • Puzzle
    • Multicolored – keeps them busy
    • 3D – new and fun to figure out
    • Memorable – try a puzzle with a personal photo
  • Kitchen Item
    • Electronic – helpful or fun to try
    • Knives – new knives can be useful
    • Dishes – fun and creative mugs, glasses, or dishes
    • Pots and Pans – replace the old, or give ones they always wanted
  • Art
    • Homemade – something you made for them makes it extra special
    • Something they Love – pictures, photos, and art of people or places they love
    • Sentimental – something that would help them feel your love
  • Gift Basket
    • Pick a Theme and get a few items to fill a basket. You could give a movie night of a DVD, popcorn, and candy
  • Gift Cards
    • A place they love – a specific place they love to shop
    • Money gift card – for them to use on themself
  • Books
    • Love – a book they don’t have that they always borrow
    • Want – a book they talked about reading
    • New – favorite author or subject they would enjoy
  • Games
    • Family Friendly – good for parents and children
    • Good for couples – great for two players or more with friends
    • Video Games – especially for the gamer
  • Subscription
    • Boxes – lots of box subscriptions for crafts, books, food, and more
    • Classes – subscriptions for online sites with classes for them to learn
  • Crafts
    • Art supplies – drawing notebooks, paints, canvas, pencils, or whatever is their favorite thing to use
    • Yarn – for the knitters
    • Something to use – for their favorite way to create

In the end, you know them best. Hopefully, these ideas helped you find something for your loved ones this year. When in doubt, just think about them and what they love. Merry Christmas!

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