The US Space Force Guardians


The Space Force has an official nickname like Navy Sailors or Army Soldiers. CBS tells us that “Pence reveals U.S. Space Force troops will be called “guardians”. Created in December of 2019, Pence celebrated the one year anniversary by announcing the new name for the Space Force. Guardians as the name brought forth lots of jokes equating it to the popular movie “Guardians of the Galaxy.” While the new logo looks dangerously like the Star Trek Starfleet logo. A new age of armed forces has begun.

Opinion on Guardians

Honestly, I can’t help but laugh. I’m sure they chose the name with all seriousness. They probably wanted a name to convey safety and security as the other armed forces do. Instead, they have set up this new military force for lots of jokes, especially from their military family. As for the logo, I’ll bet a big fan of Star Trek created it. I wish them the best and hope we have years of space exploration and protection.

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