Lump of Coal Rice Krispie Treats

Lump of Coal

I think it’s fun to give out candy coal around Christmas. It makes a fun little joke. Since coal goes to the bad children and yet candy coal tastes delicious. When I saw this lump of coal recipe from the blog “Premeditated Leftovers“, I thought it looked like a great idea. As usual, I made a change. I used generic ingredients and not the name brand. I don’t think that would affect the flavor too much.

Review of Lump of Coal

First off, my coal came out dark purple. I blame my black gel food coloring. I thought I put in a lot and didn’t want to add too much so I didn’t achieve that black coal color. Also, marshmallows are sticky. I found it difficult to shape the balls of coal even when my marshmallows had cooled enough to touch. It kept sticking to my hands. I finally gave up after a dozen circles and dumped the rest into a cake pan. After it cooled more, I could compact the balls better. I wonder how to get small clumps together without too much stickiness. Other than that, I made this recipe in about 5 minutes.

It tasted like a regular Rice Krispie Treat with hints of Oreo. My children enjoyed it a little. They did not come back begging for more, so probably not their favorite dessert. I probably won’t make this recipe again until next Christmas time.

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