Battle of the Scouts


CBS mentions a battle between two scouting organizations in “Girls Scouts accuse Boy Scouts of poaching members in legal battle“. The Girls Scouts filed documents in a federal court against the Boy Scouts of America or BSA. In the documents, they claim that the BSA used similar phases and imagery to recruit girls. This creates confusion and parents end up mistakenly signing up their children for the wrong program. BSA denies these allegations.

Opinion on the Battle of the Scouts

Both companies have steadily decreased in numbers, so I can understand the frustration. There used to be one group for boys and one for girls. Now the boy’s group accepts girls which would greatly decrease the girl’s group’s numbers. Honestly, at this point, the two groups might want to think of a merger. I don’t think these two groups will see much of a rise in numbers even if the girls win the legal battle.

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