Fly or Die – Would You Jump?

fly or die

The scientists say 50% of the population has the ability to fly, but I’ve never met anyone that could fly. Have you?

In school, we learned all about the science of flight and the first man recorded as flying. After he appeared a few more people started to fly. Curious scientists started to study the fliers and nonfliers. Yet, they could find no obvious difference between the two.

Then, they wanted to learn how to fly and discovered the only way to learn to fly was by jumping off something. The catch? Well, actually there are two. One, you have to jump off something tall enough to kill you if you don’t fly. Two, you have to free fall. You can’t have anything to save you, no bungee cords or parachute.

When the first flier appeared, everyone wanted to fly. Cautious, the government tried to regulate the fliers. The only legal way to learn to fly was through scientific tests. They spent a few years figuring out the two catches and noticed that on average half the people flew only if they jumped from a height tall enough the die without safety supports. No one flew if they went lower or added the safety measures. It comes down to fly or die.

Even with all the tests, the scientist still could not find any discernable difference between fliers and nonfliers, before or after learning to fly. Funny isn’t it? Everyone has the possibility to fly. No one can tell if you would fly or fall.

After learning this, the government wanted to ban all flying, but the public refused to listen. People wanted to fly, eventually. Instead, the government teaches the risks in school and on all forms of communication. The risks of course being death.

Well yeah, there are still a few people who fly. Daredevils, people with something to prove, or people with nothing to lose take the jump. At least, that’s what I have heard.

There’s a whole show called The Last Flight. Old people or terminally ill patients sign up to go jump off a cliff while people watch. Some actually get a little time as fliers. Others? Well, they don’t have to suffer any longer.

Really, it comes down to a choice; fly or die. Would you jump?

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