Doctors Care for Patients in the Parking Lot


CBS tells about “Doctors locked out from Houston hospital, treat patients in parking lot“. When the doctors, nurses, and workers showed up to open a clinic in Houston, Texas, they found the door locks. On the door, a sign read that the company had closed the premises due to over a million dollars needed of back pay and rent. The sign continued to say that the company would not open the doors until the clinic had paid these fees.

Even though the clinic workers tried to contact the owners and the lawyer listed on the sign, they still could not open the clinic. Well since most healthcare workers go into business because they want to help, the clinic set up in the parking lot. In the parking lot, they treated the patients the best possible.

Opinion on Doctors Care

In this case, I feel most for the doctors and patients. They work for a larger company and have no dealings with rent and bills on the building. Now since the larger company does not pay, they can not use the resources they need to really help others. Even worst, no one at the clinic seemed to receive a warning about the closure of the building. Well done to the doctors, nurses, workers, and patients who kept going despite the setback. As resilient people I know we can handle these struggles.

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