Buy Something Different For Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day waits just around the corner. As usual, loved ones, especially females, expect some token to show love. First, I want to encourage women to turn the tables this year. Try buying your loved one dinner or buy them a special gift. Don’t just make the men do all the work. A relationship takes both people to make it work. You could always do the expected card, flowers, chocolate, or dinner, but maybe this year try something different.

Unique Gifts for Valentine’s Day


Give your love something to remember your love each time they look at it. Print and frame a favorite picture of the two of you. Maybe find some art they admire and gift it to them.


Give them focused time. Try doing something they enjoy, like playing games, solving a puzzle together, or watching that movie they love. You could take them to dinner or order in but make sure to put down your phone and concentrate completely on the. Basically, just spend the day together. Just so they know you didn’t forget the day you might want to spring for a card or flowers as you go through the day together.


Make memories together. Take your loved one to someplace new. Maybe go exploring. Try new food or a new fun place. Give your loved ones the memories that they can look back at each year with a smile. Maybe you’ll make a new tradition.

Subscription Box

Everything can be delivered, even experiences. Knowing what your loved one likes to do or buy, buy them a subscription box that fits them. You can find boxes for mystery lovers, book lovers, foodies, and almost everything else. Most likely you can find at least one subscription box they would love.

Love notes

Do you have to spend a lot of time apart for work or school? Give them a gift that can keep you both connected. Many items exist to help. While I haven’t had a chance to try them out, a few I liked included the friendship lights and a love box. When you touch the friendship light, it lights the other one to show you are thinking of them. The love box uses an app to send special notes to a box just for them.

Honestly, my true advice boils down to give them something they want from you. If your loved one loves flowers and chocolates, then go for it. Otherwise, try one of these ideas. Maybe this year can be about celebrating your love together more than impressing others with showy gifts.

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